Quotes Apostle’s Letters (in English)


“A bird’s nest is like a breeding ground where the eggs can be hatched but which cannot influence the nature of the brood. If a cuckoo secretly deposits its egg with the other, the owner of the nest may hope that the self will emerge from that strange egg, but instead it will become a young cuckoo. And this intruder manages to assert himself in such a way that the rest of the brood also fails. That’s how it often goes with us as well. We cannot always prevent someone from depositing his “egg” in our “nest.” Despite all the “Apostolic efforts”, the strange “egg” will never deny itself: it will never work! It can enchant you to such an extent that you no longer want to let go of this ‘own brood’; then a sad disturbance occurs in your thinking, with all the dire consequences that entails ”

Bron: Apostle’s letter (“Expression of the Heart of Your Apostle”), Sunday, July 3, 1983 (see also book “Apostle’s Child”, p. 211)

Keywords: outsider threat, purity, dispensing of existence, identity